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RoomSimple was started in 2003 by Jeff and Chris, two guys that were still close enough to their college days to remember what it was like to be a student dealing with off-campus housing.  Our philosophy is to provide quality rental homes in convenient and safe neighborhoods at reasonable prices.  And as you will discover, we are not your typical landlords.  One of RoomSimple’s founders lives right in the Frandor area and is a graduate student at MSU. 

We do everything we can to avoid the stiff, unapproachable and often adversarial feel typical of rental companies.  And as a tenant you will notice this from the moment you meet us and view our rental properties.  For instance, you will never see coin-operated laundry facilities in our houses.  We believe that this is the type of amenity you are paying for when you rent a house from us.  We are also great about returning security deposits to tenants, as long as they have not done damage to the house. These are just small examples of how RoomSimple truly is different and why we are able to retain tenants year after year.  We are proud of our track record and we hope you give RoomSimple an opportunity to fulfill your need for quality rental home options in the Lansing and East Lansing area.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Environmental awareness is an important priority here at RoomSimple. We work tirelessly to reduce the environmental impact of our rental business and homes. Fortunately, this not only benefits the environment but it also translates into more efficient and cost effective homes for our tenants by reducing utility expenses. Beginning in 2007, RoomSimple began a Green Initiative with the aim to make our rental properties more environmentally friendly. Each of our houses has been inspected by an environmental engineer to identify ways that we can make our homes more environmentally efficient, including saving on heating and energy costs. We have encouraged and incentivized our tenants to replace their traditional light bulbs with more energy efficient fluorescent lighting by offering discounts on rent. Finally, as part of our Green Initiative, we continually evaluate our business practices in an effort to find ways to further reduce our environmental footprint.

The RoomSimple Green Initiative is just another way that RoomSimple is different from your average leasing company. Moreover, it is aligned with our goal of creating extremely happy tenants. Many previous RoomSimple occupants have thanked us for the improvements to their homes which make them more comfortable to live in, lower utility bills, and give them confidence that they are part of a solution to the world's pressing environmental problems.

 Chris and Jeff

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